2021 Solar Outdoors Virtual Photo Contest

On January 26th, 2021 (our first Solar Outdoors meeting of the new year), we will meet virtually for our annual photo contest. You must be a paid member in 2020 and submit photos from 2020 as well.

Please send your images to solareducation@solaroutdoors.org by December 31st. We will distribute a voting process in early January so our members can rank and reward the spectacular snaps you will be sending our way!

Please send the photo along with the category, a short description, and either the location or inspiration.  The committee will create a presentation for the General Meeting to share all photos, the stories, and the winning photographer in each category.  The winners will be awarded a $25 gift card from REI.

Categories are: 

  • Landscape (scenery, trails, woods, deserts, water …)
  • Life  (animals, plants, flowers, people …)
  • Dramatic (perspective, humor, perspective, action …)
  • Outdoor activities (stewardship, knots, hiking, kayak, biking…)

Bragging rights will be given to the top vote receiver of each category. Gift cards will be awarded to winners but only one card per member. If a member has already won in a previous category the monetary enticement will go to the next second rank and so on. (If there is only one submission in each category this will be a lame presentation and we will have to figure out what to do then).

You may submit two images per category for a total of eight opportunities to show off your digital shutter skills and help us inspire others to adventure.  It is likely that they will be on our social media eventually, so we want to get the info and back story correct. Here is a sample of what we would like…

Category: Life

Submitted by: Abe Abacand

Description:   A cold day in the smokies with 16 hours of biting wind and rain.  Adventurers attempted to stay warm and keep spirits high.

Rain Coat Dave Warneke

Looking forward to seeing your pictures!  Have a wonderful holiday season and see you (virtually) in January!

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