Tales of an Old School Road Trip

Old School Road Trip

This summer, we took a traditional old school road trip. I announced this trip very early in the year and was immediately hailed by folks wanting to go. We were on Isle Royale National Park over the 4th of July and used that visit to plan and pivot our travels. Doreen’s daughter is a Ranger on the island and, along with Mary, we swapped passenger and drivers all along the route. We started in southeast Michigan and circled two Great Lakes, traveling around Chicago, over to the Dells, up to Green Bay, Marquette and through Duluth. Waterfalls, friends, museums, history, and camping were prevalent along the way. Mary and I have small vans we outfitted for camping and made sure we had places for Doreen to tent or stay. It was all very civilized except for the few sites where the mosquitos were a bit obnoxious.

Pictures are taken as highlights to show a bit of the fascination and sights of the trip. I have WAY more images but this gets the feeling and the fun across. Thunder Bay and the Canadian portion of the trip round out our travels. One of my friends complains about the food pictures I take. (“way to many”, says says), but that is part of my fun! I seem to have also gained some weight to go along with the gusto of this grand circle tour! There is a posed picture of Mary throttling me at our final trip dinner where we talked about how well it all went.

Thank you Mary and Doreen for making this trip even better with you being there and sharing in it. 

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