In the Spring of 2019, Solar Outdoors members volunteered to serve as Sturgeon Guards along the Black River.  A group of members are planning the activity for this spring too!  Individual tents are encouraged to ensure social distancing.  Solar Outdoors members are planning to volunteer from Wednesday May 12 through Sunday May 16.  If you’d like to join in the activity, then you can find more information and the volunteer form here:

Mary Winkler plans to sign up for 6am to 12pm time slot. Which, in her words means “I drink my coffee along the river by the fire then fix a little lunch before heading out for a hike or to see the sights”.
You can find more about the subject here:

Here are a few pictures from the 2019 trip!

Camping along the Black River, as the sturgeon are spawning, the team from MSU weigh, examine for disease and milk for eggs/sperm.


Please reach out to Mary using her post in our Solar Outdoors Google Groups if you are interested in learning more!



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