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    Remember last weekend, Saturday was a rain fest and we had a good time indoors….. SOLAR folks usually are not indoor folks and hikes and spring fever this time of year usually make for getting out but we had fun indoors, crafting items for the out-of-doors…..

    We called this event a Make and Take, one of our teacher friends say they do this all the time for kids and crafting. It started out talking about making one item, then another and folks putting in their two cents, a basement being offered to build in. We had a good time experimenting, building, crafting cat stoves (very simple, alcohol fuel and made out of a cat food can), para-cord bracelets, bear bagging bag, fire starter, sleeping pad inflators and foil cozies for rehydrating food in.

    Thanks everyone who showed up but some get special attention. Thank you First to Dave who’s enthusiasm help me get this event together and brought fancy clips for making the bracelets, they had whistle, light, flint, edge sparker/cutter and more. Laura brought her sewing machine as did out host Phil and she sewed, modified and advised folks on crafting nylon scraps into throw bags for bear bagging as well modifying water bottle holders. Lastly for special attention, Phil, who let us invade his workshop, set fire to things (test our stoves) and somehow materialized rolled sandwiches and brownies.

    Next general meeting plan on bringing your crafted items to show them off, it was fun, thanks again for the participation and camaraderie……


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