Author: Mike Hobig, Solar Outdoors Education Chair


Hello everyone, the Steering Committee met Tuesday night (March 31st) and approved a change to the club’s bylaws to facilitate elections under extenuating circumstances.

This will allow the SC to make arrangements for mail-in or electronic ballot  (details will follow).

The exact wording has been sent out but an excerpt of the by-laws that changed is also included again at the bottom of this blog.


Please take this opportunity to think about helping out Solar and join the Steering Committee, this member run club needs you to keep help make connections  to each other and the great outdoors.


We screen captured the SC and added a bit of digital magic to show you how we roll……Brady Bunch style.

Come join us remotely or when we can all get back together in person.

Stay safe, wash those hands and remember not only your dog likes to walk with you. You can social distance together……6 feet folks, have fun out there.


Section 3.4: Election and Term of Office

The election of officers and committee chairpersons shall be held during the April General Membership meeting of Solar Outdoors. Elections shall be by written ballot.

Under extenuating circumstances where the April General Membership meeting cannot be held in person at the usual time and location, the Steering Committee may make arrangements to hold the election by mail-in or electronic ballot.

The officers and chairpersons shall be elected for a term of one year or until their successors are named. Term of office shall begin at the May Steering Committee meeting following the election.



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