Be sure to read “How SOLAR Works” for a full understanding of how Activities and Classes are run through SOLAR.


SOLAR members traveled together to backpack in Glacier National Park.

SOLAR members often invite other members (and non-members) to join them on fun adventures. For convenience, expenses and income can be run through the club, with the approval of the Activities Chairperson.

Activities are shown on the calendar page and Meetup, announced at Membership Meetings, and posted in the SOLAR Yahoo Group. Costs are determined by the Activity Leader, and are traditionally less than one would pay a professional outfitter.

Activities run through SOLAR include everything from a day-hike in a local park to multi-day backpacking trips in other states; paddling on a local river to a week-long excursion on the waterways of Ontario; car camping at a state park to hut-to-hut hiking in the Alps. If you want to go on a fun adventure you’ll most likely find some SOLAR companions to join you!



The Basic Land Navigation class is an annual favorite, helping students learn to use a map and compass.

SOLAR members generously offer their time and talents to other members (and often non-members!) to help others learn to enjoy new outdoor activities, or to brush up on some older knowledge and rusty skills. Classes are a great way to meet other outdoor enthusiasts!

Talk to the Lead Instructor of the class(es) you’re interested in to learn more about their background and their expectations for students.

To learn more about a particular class, check out the calendar page, which links to the Meetup Event for the class, or contact the Lead Instructor listed for more information.

Education Policies

  • Classes offered through SOLAR are offered to those 18 years of age and older.
  • Classes offered through SOLAR shall prohibit the consumption of alcoholic beverages during the class.
  • Signed liability waivers are required at the beginning of each class (a copy is available here).
  • SOLAR has a No Refunds policy. If paid participants cannot attend a class, they must “sell their spots.” The class Lead Instructor can assist by identifying people who wish to take the place of participants that need to cancel.
  • If you have any questions about these Education Policies please contact the Education Chairperson.




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