Brighton Recreation Area Hike

Author:  Bill Morse

Pleasant temperatures and sunshine greeted us, as Sharon, Elaine and Mary joined me for a trek through Brighton Rec Area on September 7th. We did most of our hike on the Penosha Trail but finished on the Kachin Trail, and covered 5-6 miles. Michigan outdoorsman Jim DuFresne, in his book ‘50 Hikes in Michigan’, states: ‘The glaciers of the Pleistocene Epoch were responsible for Brighton Recreation Area’s rolling topography of moraines and ridges, steep-sided kettles, and numerous lakes and ponds.’ We enjoyed the cardio work-out that the landscape offered, and walking among maple, hickory and oak trees.

Participants’ reactions:

  • ‘A beautiful day.’
  • ‘Penosha Trail was awesome!’
  • ‘Many hills and good company. Win win!’

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