Basic Backpacking Class – 2017

Basic Backpacking is a peer-led instructional class, where experienced backpackers volunteer and share their experience and knowledge.

The class is an amazing resource for anyone interested in learning more about backpacking or even for more experienced people looking to refine their skills.

The class covers some of the largest concerns about gear.  You will not only learn about tents, backpacks, and sleeping systems; but also about items like stoves and water purifiers and how to use them.

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Other topics include: how to store your food to protect it from critters, what to wear to be comfortable in the woods, how to have a minimal impact on your camping environment.

Basic Backpacking Hiking

The 2017 class included an instructor-planned overnight trip to Brighton Recreation Area, where participants could put into practice the lessons they had learned and also get used to walking with a pack on.

The overnight class includes additional information.

The class culminated in a trip to beautiful pictured rocks.

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Where the instructors had a great trip planned with the class staying at the group campsites.

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Everyone had a great time.

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