School for Outdoor Leadership, Adventure and Recreation (SOLAR)

SOLAR is a social club of outdoor enthusiasts based primarily in Southeast Michigan. With hundreds of adventurers in the club, you are sure to find someone to enjoy the outdoors with!

We are an all-volunteer organization. Club members step up to teach classes and to lead activities and trips. Members also take on leadership roles through the club’s Steering Committee.

SOLAR meets the last Tuesday of each month (except December) to discuss past and upcoming classes and activities, to sign up for classes and activities, and for an entertaining and/or informative presentation.

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SOLAR Steering Committee

The SOLAR Steering Committee (SC) meets on Tuesday the week prior to the club’s monthly membership meetings. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend SC meetings! Meeting locations are not published as they are typically held in the homes of SC members. Please contact the President to get the address, by email, phone, or using the contact form to the right.


SOLAR, P.O. Box 40222, Redford, Michigan  48240



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